Statistical Process Control Course

Course Overview – Statistical Process Control

Our aim is to equip you to maintain a high level of stability within manufacturing production processes by systematically interpreting the trends revealed by your data, through the use of Statistical Process Control.

SPC is a practical tool, and its successful implementation will strengthen your organization’s quality management system. By equipping you to discover and correct issues as they occur throughout production processes, the use of Statistical Process Control eliminates waste, decreases variation, refines quality, raises production levels, and boosts profits.

Don’t let your accurate-but-not-so-smart SPC software get the upper hand! This course will prepare you to genuinely understand the principles and ramifications of SPC, and will equip you to make meaningful and truly informed decisions based on your own calculations and judgements.

Our experienced professional trainers will deliver expert instruction paired with interactive exercises and practical applications as they guide you through the principles and applications of Statistical Process Control.

Course Objectives

  • To approach SPC as a practical tool
  • To gain an understanding of how to employ the principles of SPC
  • To explore the application of SPC through interactive exercises
  • To equip you to apply SPC in your own workplace, thereby stabilising production processes, eliminating waste, decreasing variation, refining quality, raising production levels, and boosting profits

Course Benefits

This SPC course complements Lean Six Sigma initiatives, and is highly relevant to AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems), and IATF 16949 (Automotive Manufacturing Systems).


Who Should Attend

The content of this course is tailored to quality management professionals, including process leaders, supervisors, engineers, and technicians.


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